Support from the sport volunteer initiative “Team with a Dream”

26 Jun
On June 16, 2018, in the park "Vazrazhdane", Sofia, was organized the first edition of the "Team with a Dream" initiative. During the multi-sport event, the ultramaraton Krasi Georgiev ran 50 km in 5 hours on a treadmill, at the same time the marathon and cross-athlete Ivan Dimov achieved his goal to make 5000 pushups, and the two-time world champion of the parkour/freeran Delyan "Dido" Dimitrov showed plenty of tricks to those who want more experience in this sport. Despite the rain, a lot of followers of their cause joined the event. 
The goal of the initiative "Team with a Dream" is to raise funds for charity and to promote social causes through sport challenges and competitions, in partnerships with municipal, business, sports community, and the people.

We are happy that the Association "Children with Oncohematological Diseases" is one of its beneficiaries.
Although the first edition of the " Team with a Dream " is a fact, the fundraising campaign continues until July 26, 2018, through the digital platform for fundraising – THE PLATFORM. If you want to support the cause of Krasi Georgiev, Ivan Dimov and Delyan "Dido" Dimitrov, you can donate funds to the following link: