School in the hospital

School in the hospital
Trough knowledge we build symbolic bridge between hospital room and the world outside where the child will return after treatment.  Thanks to Proznanie Co. we use Virtual classroom platform VEDAMO, which allow us to teach students not only in hospital room but at home, no matter where they live in the country. A teacher enter the hospital ward every day to work with patients who are at school age by their beds. In this way they receive support to feel more confident when they are going back to their home schools one day.

On 01.11.2017, Raiffeisen Bank's campaign "Choose to be helped" starts. The Association participates with the project "School without Borders for Children with Cancer". The project aims to enable children to continue to study during their treatment, to assist them in learning and to ensure them access to national curriculum and to support them successfully complete the exams for graduation of the school year. The project is addressed to school-age children who are in Pediatric cancer clinics in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.
The implementation of the project will take place in two directions - with the help of the Educational Website «I Learn» and with the help of a teacher. 'I Learn' site gives children a huge amount of video tutorials and exercises to help them prepare their own lessons. A meeting with a teacher is necessary not only to help with the academic material, but also to allow the child to distract them from the hospital atmosphere, thoughts of his illness, and continue to feel part of the school life. Teachers are expected to visit children in the hospital and to work with them, depending on their current health condition. Teachers will have a certain number of tablets that will be given to the children during their stay in the hospital.
If you want to support us send SMS to 17 777 with text DMS ZNANIE.
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