If you want to help us

If you want to help us

The Association "Children with Oncohematological Diseases" (DecaOHZ) is an organization created by parents of children with oncohematological diseases, their relatives and associates. It is registered in the year of 2010 and entered in the Central Registry of NGOs for public benefit activity under No. 201012222006. It holds a license for provision of social services for children issued by SACP and is a registered provider of social services to ASA. She is a full member of the Childhood Cancer International- CCI, bringing together 181 organizations from 90 countries.
Our mission is to protect the rights of children with oncohematological diseases, to support them in their struggle, to help them and their families to overcome the emotional and psychological consequences of the disease and to facilitate their social adaptation when the treatment is finally over.
We created the "Children with Oncohematological Diseases / DecaOHZ" together with a lot of love, and we put our whole heart every day to fight the severe consequences it has on the children and their families. We work actively in all directions concerning the healing, rehabilitation and re-socialization of our little heroes. After all that we have achieved over the past few years, we believe that with our support and the support of all adherents, sponsors and volunteers, every day will be better for children with oncohematological diseases and their families.

However, we also need help sometimes. If you think you are the person who can support us in any way, you can find us at:

address: Sofia, bul. 26, Danail Nikolaev, fl
phone: + 359 894 22 68 77
email: info@decaohz.org

Bank account:

Association "Children with Oncohematological Diseases"
IBAN: BG13FINV91501014721936