Rehabilitation center

Rehabilitation center
Throughout all these years, from the very beginning of the association to this day, we aspire to a great goal. With all our strengths, we are working on a project that is very important for us and for all children with oncohematologic diseases - a rehabilitation center in which they will have the opportunity to make their way to their complete healing. Such center would be the first in Bulgaria and eighth in the world. We are proud to announce that on the March 27, 2018, we signed a contract for European financing contract, under Measure 7.2. from the "Rural Development Program". Funding under this program will help us to realize the project. After the construction, the center will have seven single-family houses and an administrative building with halls for entertainment, and canteens, sports grounds, and auxiliary farm gardens.
The campaign’s beginning was started with the social videoclip “Drop by drop”, which popularize the activity of Association "Children with Oncohematologic Diseases". In the past 7 years, so many of our supporters, friends, acquaintances and unknown people, companies and organizations have supported our cause, participated in events, or becoming contributors. The outcomes are - 13 acres of land on the territory of the municipality of Kostinbrod, on which will be built the rehabilitation center. Because of all those volunteers, which supported our association, it was possible to build a sports playground, officially opened on June 1, 2014. It covers an area of 2 acres and consists of a multifunctional sports playground, playgrounds with swings and slides, and small vegetable gardens that allow children and supporters to unleash their potentials and why not hobbies. Opened for visits and events all year round, the playground is the perfect place for organized sporting activities - various sports events and events for and from the children and their families. It is also very popular with celebrating the most beautiful occasions – birthdays. Two hundred fruit trees have grown beautifully around the facilities since the spring of 2017, becoming a part of our farm. 
On February 15, 2014, the song "As You Are With Me" was officially shown to the world, a creation of the collective effort of everyone in the association. It is entirely devoted to our children and the people who help them through the most difficult test - the fight for live. The text is written by Geri Turiyska and the author of the music is Svetlin Kuslev. The song is performed by Dicho, Polly Genova, Vicky Terziyska, Vesi Boneva, Vasil Chergov and Inella Chergova. A video clip was also created for the song, featuring children struggling with the disease at the time of filming, as well as children who had already succeeded in fighting with it. The clip can be viewed on YouTube and so far, there are over 73,000 views.
The talented Geri Turiyska, weave into the text, the struggle of children with oncohematologic diseases, so even today the text touch more and more hearts:

"Strength is in pain …
Nobody knows better
when you are me, how long I live ...
... If you believe me again,
when you're with me I dream aloud ... "
Because no child nor family should face cancer alone!

Scheme, sketches and information on the construction stages of the rehabilitation center, you will find at the following link: